Things That Must Follow a Steam Cleaning

Several Things We Must Follow for Steam Cleaning

  • Schedule a followup cleaning with the professional, and commit to having the carpet cleaned again depending upon his time recommendation.
  • Some steam cleaning experts may advise that you use plastic covering on the bottoms of your furniture to protect the carpet even further. If your furniture is especially heavy, you should follow this recommendation.
  • Keep the room off limits to kids and pets immediately following the cleaning? Wait at least 2-3 hours before opening the room.
  • Try to minimize all walking on the carpet. Also, if it’s necessary to walk on the carpet, be careful as the surface will be wet.
  • Be on the lookout for any persistent odor subsequent to carpet cleaning. This shouldn’t be a problem if you choose a reliable service, but if you do smell mildew, call the expert right away.

Having carpet steam cleaned is a service that you’ll appreciate if you follow these guidelines before and after the steam cleaning. The expenses that you’ll pay for the carpet cleaning will be worth it if, but it’s important to take these necessary steps before and after the steam cleaning.

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