Important Instructions to Follow Before and After Steam Cleaning Carpet.

To fully utilize a steam cleaning service for your carpet, there are pertinent steps you should take before and after carpet cleaning. This article will demonstrate some of these easy steps to make sure you get top value out of your steam cleaning.

Small matters that you personally take care of before and after a steam cleaning will make a world of difference in attaining the perfect carpet. The following simple tips will ensure that the process goes smoothly and cleans your carpet to your expectations.

Getting Prepared for a Steam Cleaning

  • Before you hire a steam cleaner, ask for a carpet cleaning inspection. The expert will analyze your carpet and give you important details about the process before the cleaning session.
  • Try to clear the room completely by removing everything from the floor. Some furniture will inevitably be impossible to move, but the carpet cleaner should inform you of any potential harm caused to your furniture and tell you how to safeguard it during the cleaning.
  • Make sure your drapes aren’t touching the floor. Instead of taking the curtains and drapes down, try tying or suspending them above the floor.
  • Don’t allow your kids or your pets in the room(s) being cleaned during the cleaning.
  • Anyone with dust allergies should also leave the premises during the cleaning because the steam cleaning will stir up dust so that the carpet can be cleaned.
  • Make certain that all electric wires are perched above the floor.
  • Most of the time, you’ll be asked to vacuum before the steam cleaning. This will eliminate the outer layers of dust and it will allow the carpet cleaners to get a deeper cleaning.
  • If there are any specific stains you’re concerned about, bring those to the attention of the carpet cleaner. He/she should be able to spot clean those to remove stains.

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